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TRIO Marketing turns 25

Monday, July 01, 2019


It doesn't seem such a big deal today, but after 10 years I left the 'security & safety' of corporate life to launch a Strategic Marketing consultancy after having endured four mergers & takeovers and a redundancy to boot (this was the 90's!). However the redundancy wasn't the  catalyst for change. I was in a corporate national marketing role and could see the signs of yet another takeover on the horizon. So I thought 'at least I can rely on me!'. 


My passion is strategy,branding and innovation - particularly in consumer goods.In the last 25 years I would like to think I have honed my skills and provided not only valuable insights but proven strategies for sustainable growth - but I'll let my clients be the judge of that. 

I am a self-confessed poor marketer of my business (not recommended!) and have had the good fortune to have built a referral based consultancy over 25 years.

To my clients past and present - thank you for entrusting me with your precious brands and business.

To my suppliers and colleagues- thanks for sharing the same values of hard work,commitment and 'doing the right thing' by the client at all times.

To my supportive family - it's been worth it!!

Today consulting or outsourcing is  common practice but it's not for everyone or every company. In  1994 it gave me the opportunity to manage my own business, with all its challenges and opportunities while balancing family life.

I wouldn't have missed the ride and it's not over yet! 

So what is my key learning over the past 25 years ?

Change (planned & unplanned) is constant but without resilience,focus and an agile strategy you may well end up, as the ad says, ' up ship creek without a paddle'.


























We help our clients develop and execute strategic brand and marketing plans that work.

Our philosophy is simple-understand your market and customer, deliver real brand value,innovate and differentiate for growth and communicate your offer when, how and in a medium that resonates with your audience.


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