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True innovation

Saturday, September 26, 2020


True innovation is hard. It takes vision, courage, time, money, patience and passion in varying degrees. However the joy in launching not only a new product but new category into the highly competitive beverage market is immense! We are both proud and humbled by our latest innovation journey with the inspiring Savio family, third-generation apple growers on the pristine Granite Belt near Stanthorpe, Queensland.

Their vision was to value-add to their core business of selecting, planting, growing, harvesting, packing and selling quality retail apples. A new innovation arm, Savio Healthy Innovations was created and so the Innovation Project was born, almost three and half years ago. As Project Leader and Marketing lead, we built a team of expert & dedicated food industry professionals and suppliers to take the often treacherous road from product idea to commercialisation. The caveat? The new product must be highly differentiated, technically feasible and commercially profitable.

The result?


Deliciously drinkable, whole apple in a bottle!

The innovation?

New Product– Whole apple in a bottle, made from 99.9% whole apples.More fibre than juice

New category - Drinkable fruit. 

New snack – The convenient, healthy and natural way to increase your fruit & fibre intake.

New packaging – Custom apple shaped single serve 130mL bottle. Made from 100% recycled plastic (and recyclable).

New Process – Patent pending process which uses the whole apple-peel, pulp &juice- everything except the seeds.

New facilityUpple is made where it is grown, in a HACCP accredited food processing facility on the family orchard.

Awards - National Food and Beverage Industry Awards 2020 finalist in two categories - Convenience Product of the Year and Start-up of The Year.

Go on….drink the whole apple!




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