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La Famiglia

Tuesday, June 27, 2017


La Famiglia Fine Foods is Australia's No. 1 producer and marketer of garlic breads, servicing the national domestic market. Launched in 1993 as a family business, its products are crafted by tradition and baked with dedication to offer a range of garlic breads as good, if not better, than if you had made them yourself. Innovation and quality was the key to the early success of La Famiglia Fine Foods, with the company daring to be different and offering supermarket buyers a product that superior to competitive garlic bread products on the market.

The Situation

  • In July 2001 the La Famiglia garlic bread brand held 39.6% of the total chilled bread grocery market which was valued at $35.4 million
  • The market was growing at 7.3% while the market leader La Famiglia brand was growing at just 4.5%, resulting in a share decline

The Challenge

  •  La Famiglia, the market leader, was losing market share
  •  Generics/low priced garlic bread were rapidly gaining share
  • The La Famiglia brand suffered from poor brand recognition, despite its status as market leader

The Solution

  • Trio Marketing was engaged to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan for La Famiglia.The central platforms of the plan included:
  •  Conducting market research to confirm the key brand attributes
  • Repositioning La Famiglia to reflect its brand essence – La Famiglia ‘such good taste’
  • With a commitment to excellent product development , reinforce La Famiglia’s new brand positioning and launch innovative products to meet consumer needs
  • Generate strong brand and product recognition with a highly relevant, cutting edge television campaign

The Result

  • By 2005 La Famiglia had successfully grown its own brand AND the total category
  •  La Famiglia market share now stood at 60% of of the chilled bread grocery market which was now valued at $46 million.

 Trio Marketing continued to consult to La Famiglia Fine Foods until the business was sold to Goodman Fielder in November 2005



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