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Brand and Market Audit

Ignorance really isn't bliss! The foundation of every well-executed Strategic Marketing Plan is a clear understanding of your market,brand, competitors, trends and the customers you serve.

During this process

  • We invest time learning about your business
  • Review your current market research (if any) on customers,markets and trends
  • Utilise desktop research and business skills to analyse your market,brand, customers,competitors and trends
  • Identify knowledge gaps and additional research needs

Your customised audit will


  • The impact of key current and future market and customer trends on your brand
  • The position of your brand relative to key competitors
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your current brand position
  • A clear understanding of your brand's value proposition - what are your brand's unique values and how are they delivered from your customer's perspective?

Deliver insights into:

  • Customer needs,usage,purchase behaviour
  • Brand experience and customer journey
  • Brand equity - the values inherent to your brand and how they are delivered from your customer's perspective.

Our Approach

One of the key strategic tools we employ in the Audit process is the S.W.O.T Analysis. This tool is used objectively identify your brand's internal strengths and weaknesses and its external threats and opportunities.

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