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Herron OsteoEze

The Herron OsteoEze brand, launched in 1999, was Australia’s first natural (complementary) health product to target arthritis in the grocery and pharmacy channels. Its key active, Glucosamine was supported by international clinical evidence.

The Situation

As the first to market, Herron OsteoEze rapidly secured market leadership which it maintained until mid 2006.

However, re-allocation of marketing resources together with an avalance of new competitors and aggressive market pricing activity, resulted in a substantial reduction in the marketing budget and product innovation.

By November 2007 Herron OsteoEze’s share was less than 10% in each channel in a market now worth $77m.

The Challenge

To unlock the potential of Herron OsteoEze and recapture market leadership in a growing and dynamic market.

The Solution

A Strategic Marketing Plan underpinned by 5 key strategies:

1.Brand repositioning to differentiate and invigorate the OsteoEze brand as ‘The Joint Care Specialist’

2.Repackaging of the range into larger bottles with easy to open lids,colour coding to aid product selection and vibrant pack graphics.

3.Innovation and ‘first to market’ delivery featuring new products and formats to underpin the new positioning of 

4Continuous Quality improvements including smaller tablets and superior actives

5.Equity advertising to increase brand awareness, drive trial and category growth, build loyalty, leverage medical endorsement and erode competitor market share.

The Result

By April 2009 OsteoEze’s steep sales declined had been reversed.OsteoEze Active was now No.2 in the national grocery market


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