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Your Digital File

A highly secure advanced web platform where users can store, share and digitally sign their most sensitive information with total peace of mind.As the leading global cloud solution for the secure management of confidential documents online, Your Digital File guarantees the integrity, confidentiality and privacy of files are never compromised

The Situation

The untimely death of his father combined with the rapid rise of cybercrime led entrepreneur and accountant Jamie Wilson to recognise the global need for a highly secure cloud service where sensitive files could be safely stored,shared and signed. He teamed with world-class cryptologists to develop an unmatched security technology which provides guaranteed information confidentiality,privacy and integrity. This superior technology is now patented in Australia and New Zealand with patents in progress in the USA, Europe and Hong Kong.

Your Digital File was launched in March 2014.

The Challenge

TRIO Marketing was engaged to develop a Strategic Marketing Plan and launch Your Digital File globally. As a start-up, the briefing process comprised a 60 page technology patent. The first step in developing a Strategic Plan was to dive into the market and determine its key drivers,major competitors and significant trends.

It quickly became apparent that in 2013, the players in the emerging cloud market were differentiating their services on price and storage size alone.Security was a 'given'-everyone promised their customers' files and documents were safe from cyber criminals. A pervasive attitude of 'It won't happen to me' engulfed both the personal and business cloud markets.Was anyone interested in securing their information in the cloud?

The Solution

The continuing escalation of cyber-crime validated a position of 'smarter security' for Your Digital File. The execution of the Strategic Marketing Plan included the creation of the logo, website, corporate brochures, targetted competitor pdf's, a technology whitepaper, blogs, public relations, social media (facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter), trade show displays, partnerships with Government internet security programs and more.

In addition, TRIO Marketing was heavily involved in the review of all software to ensure the message, tone and overall usability of the system is on brand and user-friendly.

The Result

Your Digital File is now entering the commercialisation phase at a time when the cloud market is demanding better security, following the frequent damaging and costly data loss by key players such as Dropbox. Privacy is the 'new black' and Your Digital File is the solution 

Now earning revenue from a mix of personal and business customers, an oversubscribed second round of fund raising is now closed.A third round will be opened to investors soon.

Your Digital File continues to innovate and enhance usability while never losing site of its brand essence-smarter security.


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