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When Deborah joined La Famiglia sales growth had plateaued and position as market leader was under pressure from a low price competitor. Deborah formulated a strategy, based on market research and presented a plan, focused on strengthening brand recognition and consumer loyalty, to La Familgia management. I was very impressed with Deborah’s innovative approach and cost effective execution. The next two years saw La Famiglia gain 20 points in market share without resorting to price promotion or over promotion’

Michael F.Clarke
Managing Director
La Famiglia Fine Foods Pty Ltd

"Without the broad industry experience of Trio Marketing, the launch of the Spirit House retail products would have remained an unattainable dream.  With good humored patience and expertise, Trio navigated our company through the myriad of issues which had to be addressed - market research, graphic design, packaging, nutritional regulations, production, pricing and distribution.  The success of our retail venture is a direct result of Trio's contribution."

Helen Brierty
Managing Director
Spirit House Restaurant & Cooking School

'During my time at Herron Pharmaceuticals, Deborah (Trio Marketing) and I developed a close working relationship that spanned more than ten years. Deborah became an invaluable member of the team, well beyond the Marketing function and was equally respected across all department boundaries. Deborah’s strength is her ability to deliver insightful interpretation based on the sound analysis of information, facts and figures. Deborah is an experienced and instinctive marketer who passionately commits herself to whatever product, category, business or consumer audience she may be involved with at the time.Deborah contributed directly to the successful outcome of numerous projects and it is my absolute pleasure to recommend her and Trio to any business who may be considering benefitting from her expertise.'

Steven Jansen
Group Product Manager
Herron Pharmaceuticals